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My name is Perways, I’m 27 and from Berlin, Germany.

I raided in the top Guild ‚For the Horde‘ in Cataclysm T11 (World 4) and few bosses in T12 (World 12). But I had to quit and after that I didnt play WoW for a long time. In Warlords of Draenor I came back and raided casualy as Mage, Rogue and Warlock. After that I led a guild for 3 years, Feel the Difference a 3-day raiding Guild, which was renamed to Wildplay in Nighthold. We achieved World Top 100 in Tomb of Sargeras. My function was raidlead and guildlead, which I gave up after Antorus progress (World 160). In PvP I’ve little experience with RMP (rogue, mage, priest) comb, ~2350 Rating. If you have more question about me feel free to ask me in the chat!