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WoW Classic Naxxramas
Update: 30.10.2020, 20:05 Uhr
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WoW Classic: Naxxramas öffnet am 3. Dezember 2020

Lange Zeit war es recht ruhig um WoW Classic. Doch am heutigen 30. Oktober 2020 gibt es endlich Neuigkeiten für alle Classic-Spieler. So wurde im offiziellen Forum erklärt, dass der WoW Classic Patch 1.13.6 am 1. Dezember 2020 veröffentlicht wird. Dies ist der Patch, der auch Naxxramas beinhaltet und somit auch die gesamten Quests, neuen Belohnungen und Abenteuer in den Östlichen Pestländern.

Die Schlachtzugsinstanz Naxxramas öffnet dann am 3. Dezember 2020 weltweit zeitgleich seine Tore. Die exakte Zeit wird laut Blizzard noch bekanntgegeben. Sobald die Freischaltung erfolgt ist, könnt ihr am Naxxramas Attunement arbeiten und euch auf den Raid vorbereiten. Das Ganze startet bei Erzmagierin Angela Dosantos in der Kapelle des hoffnungsvollen Lichts. Die englischen Patchnotes für Patch 1.13.6 findet ihr nachfolgend.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Post)

Im Laufe der nächsten Wochen endet die Testphase für den Naxxramas-Patch und WoW Classic Version 1.13.6 wird in der Woche von 1. Dezember veröffentlicht.

Der Schlachtzug Naxxramas und die Inhalte zur Geißelinvasion werden am 3. Dezember gleichzeitig für alle Realms freigeschaltet. Wir werden euch im Voraus über die exakte Zeit informieren. Sobald die Inhalte freigeschaltet wurden, können sich Spieler auf Naxxramas abstimmen, indem sie bei Erzmagierin Angela Dosantos in der Kapelle des hoffnungsvollen Lichts die Voraussetzungen erfüllen.

In den Patchnotes für Version 1.13.6 findet ihr alle Infos zu den neuen Questinhalten und behobenen Fehlern in diesem Patch.

Wir sehen uns dann dort!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Post)

The next version of WoW Classic is now available for testing on the Public Test Realm (PTR).


Floating above the Plaguelands, the necropolis known as Naxxramas serves as the seat of one of the Lich King’s most powerful officers, the dreaded lich Kel’Thuzad. Horrors of the past and new terrors yet to be unleashed are gathering inside the necropolis as the Lich King’s servants prepare their assault. The Scourge marches again…

Please note: Raid testing in this PTR will be available only at designated times.

Items and Content

This patch includes the following new pursuits:

  • Being exalted with your Warsong Gulch faction now offers epic-quality leg gear.
  • Crafted nature resist pieces are now available with Cenarion Circle reputation.
  • Nature resist enchants for leg and head gear are now available from Zul’Gurub.
  • Several skill books for new skill ranks (Frost Ward, Shadow Ward, Flame Shock, Conjure Food, Eviscerate, Ferocious Bite) are obtainable.
  • There are now PvP objectives in Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands.
  • An Epic nature resist ring is available from a quest to kill an Elemental Lord in Cenarion Hold.
  • The Argent Dawn token system offers a way for players to earn gear by turning in components at Light’s Hope Chapel.

Please note: The release of some items above may come before or after this patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Many helpful auras and buffs that improve Attack Power now properly apply to Ranged Attack Power.

Developers’ notes: This was an issue that was the result of a technical limitation in original World of Warcraft that was fixed in later updates to the game. During internal testing we discovered that this issue also affected the Paladin and Shaman 6-piece Tier 3 set bonuses, and in fixing that, we decided to also fix it in many other situations where buffs and auras should affect Ranged Attack Power.

  • Resolved an issue that caused the Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether to sometimes stop functioning for Priests talented into Spirit of Redemption after logging out and back into the game with the trinket equipped.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Shaman talent Improved Weapon Totems to not apply its damage improvements to other players in the Shaman’s party.

Developers’ notes: This talent was introduced late in original World of Warcraft and behaved in this unintended way until the beginning of Burning Crusade. It was considered a bug at that time, and will now be resolved here, as was originally intended.

  • Fixed some terrain exploits in Booty Bay that allowed players to grief players arriving or leaving via Flight Masters with no fear of reprisal from guards or other players.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Mail recipient auto-complete filter to behave in a frustrating way when attempting to send a mail to someone who shares a similar name with a member of your current guild.
  • Stabling a pet with Prowl active no longer prevents other pets with Prowl from using the same ability.
  • Resolved an issue that caused a Hunter’s Auto Shot ability to occasionally experience a slight delay on recast if its cast was interrupted by Aimed Shot.
  • Fixed a bug with the Scarab Brooch item that prevented the Persistent Shield proc from this item from applying to new targets in certain scenarios.

Additional bug fixes will be added in future builds of the 1.13.6 PTR. Please use the in-game bug report tool for any issues you encounter, and thank you for testing with us!


Nerdine, die ihr Hobby zum Beruf gemacht hat. Seit 2012 als Schreiberling für Blizzards Spiele unterwegs ♥ Hauptsächlich findet man mich in Azeroth, denn World of Warcraft begleitet mich bereits seit 14 Jahren.

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